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Are you always tired and each rep is a challenge? Then MOONSTRUCK ® GLOW the premium pre-workout is the solution for you. Our favorite silverback is back and showing off its chest because we have designed a premium formula and packaging for our most loyal, demanding and brutal audience! With Moonstruck® GLOW you will get 16gr per scoop in which you will find exciting and active ingredients that will boost the production of nitric oxide, which means more pump, more strength and more resistance. The difference? We have set higher doses and added the most innovative patents so that your results can be endorsed by any laboratory: 100mg of S7™: Increases nitric oxide production by at least 230%. 1.5g Glycersize®: More vasodilation and resistance. 8g of Citrulline: Helps to produce more nitric oxide. 2.5g Beta Alanine: Increase muscular resistance and reduce fatigue. 2g AAKG: Helps produce more nitric oxide and improves blood flow. 1g Arginine : Dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow in muscles. Nitrate NO3: Increases energy efficiency and stimulates the production of nitric oxide. 300mg of Glucoronolactone: Improves physical performance and reduces fatigue. 300mg of Caffeine anhydrous: improves concentration and provides more energy Bioperine®: provides optimal absorption and bioavailability of certain nutrients and compounds.

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